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Super 8 Film

We are pleased to offer a wide range of Kodak Super 8 film stocks: colour and black-and-white, negative and reversal. Please see the descriptions and prices below.

Super-8 film comes in two types: Reversal and Negative. Reversal film is processed as a positive image for projection. Negative film is processed as an orange based negative for direct digital transfer or printing for projection.


Reversal Film: 
Reversal film requires exact exposure because of limited latitude.   
Reversal film was originally designed for projection.                 
Copy Prints are not readily available from Reversal Prints.                 
Reversal film is higher in contrast.

Negative Film:  
Negative film has a greater latitude for exposure.                 
Super-8, 16 & 35mm negative needs to have a print made for Projection.                 
Negative film can be telecined direct without a print.                 
Negative film is lower in contrast, offering more detail in shadow.

Super 8 Film Developing Prices per roll: 

Ektachrome 100D and 64T Reversal films - £30.00 per roll to develop
TRI-X and PLUS-X B/W Reversal films - £26.00 per roll to develop
Vision 200T and Vision 500T Negative films - £23.00 per roll to develop
Kodachrome 40 and other old stocks - is impossible to develop as there is no chemicals left

Super 8 Positive print from Negative - £45.00 per 50ft of film

more information is in Super 8 Film Processing section.

*Negative film can not be processed as a positive film. 
*Reversal film such as the Ektachrome can be cross-processed as a negative with mixed and unstable results; this also halves the sensitivity value of the film. 

Please see our 'Process Paid' and 'Process/Telecine Paid' offers below.


 Process Paid and Process/Telecine Paid Vouchers - Conditions of Sale
It is a condition of sale that the customer accepts that the 'Process Paid' (Or 'Process & Telecine Paid') label on the film box is the agreed Voucher for processing and the only means of redeeming such services. No substitutions or other proofs will be accepted under any circumstances.
The Widescreen Centre Process Paid and Process/Telecine Paid Vouchers are valid until the expiry date printed on the Voucher and the validity of the Voucher cannot be extended beyond this date. After this date services will be charged on a sliding scale dependent on the elapsed time. More information is available on request.
The Widescreen Centre Process Paid and Process/Telecine Paid Vouchers cannot be exchanged, refunded or transferred to any other goods or services. 
It is Customer’s responsibility to keep the Vouchers safe. The Widescreen Centre will not replace any lost Vouchers and the full costs of processing or/and Telecine will be charged. Any tampered Vouchers will be deemed as void and the full costs of processing or/and Telecine will be issued. Damaged or torn Vouchers may be accepted under sole discretion of The Widescreen Centre. 
The Widescreen Centre reserves the right to withdraw production of Process Paid and/or Process/Telecine Paid vouchers at any time. This does not affect the Customer's statutory rights.