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Shutter Glasses

"Turn your own computer into a Virtual Reality Centre, and  you'll hardly believe your eyes?"

Says Tony Shapps: "Experience all the latest games, movies, graphics, websites and more that come alive with our revolutionary new technology. Slip on a pair of these 3D glasses and instantly transform your PC into a Virtual Reality experience. Images appear in true 3-D inside and outside of your monitor, right in front of your eyes!"

"And if you have Microsoft's FLIGHT SIMULATOR (2002/4 versions ) see it as you've never seen it before, actually see and feel the distance between you and the ground as you land the plane.  Using TrackIR you can move your head to scan the scene around you.  Add AUDIOfx force-feed and voice recognition headset and the world is your oyster!

What's more there are over a thousand games that contain  the necessary stereoscopic information to see truly outstanding 3-D on your own computer....we know 'cos we've tested them!   Why, even IMAX 3-D/DVD films can be screened in their full amazing depth.

"What's more" says Tony " you're not just limited to just one type of product.  You can choose from either the Wired or Wireless Shutter Glasses.  For a few pounds more the latter will give you the maximum mobility and freedom to move about your computer, since there is no need to be attached to your computer!  Additionally, you can have any number of people around your PC since extra pairs of glasses are always available as an extra.   Transform your PC into your very own virtual reality simulator, capable of producing an experience that has, until now, only been achievable at Theme Parks, or with expensive equipment. Step inside your PC and explore beyond the confines of your monitor with truly eye-popping, off-the-screen, three-dimensional graphics!"

Make your selection from the following packages:
Buying either of these unique 3-D Shutter Glasses complete with special Widescreen-created software and drivers allows you, the user, to experience true off-the-screen graphics on your own PC.

Print out our Our list of over 1000 games, from here in PDF format, that can be used with full 3-D with these glasses.  Please allow approx 1-minute down-loading time.